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Sunita did not give up in the battle of life

Sunita Biswas (33) is one of the unfortunate women of Sahos Joykhali Jale Para of Dumuria upazila in Khulna district. Sunita got married to Bikash Biswas of that area about 15 years ago. In their family, two children were born. Despite the financial crisis, they were living happily ever after. Bikash used to run his family by fishing in the sea. Every year, Bikash could go fishing in the sea by buying nets and ropes with borrowed money from moneylenders. Similarly, in November 2020, Bikash went to sea with a colorful dream by borrowing around 3 lakh taka from a moneylender. But, in the cruel irony of fate, Bikash fell ill and died without treatment. Even his body could not be brought back home. With the departure of Bikash, the happiness of Sunita’s family also goes far away from her. With the loan of 3 lakh, the responsibility of the two children and the elderly mother-in-law fell on Sunita’s shoulders. Housewife Sunita fell into a deep sea with the educational expenses of her two children, family expenses, and the pressure of moneylenders. In this situation, with the financial support of the Asia Foundation and the European Union, a team was formed in Sahos Joykhali Jale Para under DALIT’s awareness-raising project on COVID-19. Sunita used to attend the yard meeting and listen attentively to the volunteers for the project in the midst of her busy schedule. In the meeting, she came to know that the Upazila Fisheries Office helps them when a fisherman dies while fishing in the sea. Sunita then went to the office of the Upazila Fisheries Officer in collaboration with the field supervisor, Samsun Nahar, and got a clear idea about the matter. As per the suggestion of Dumuria Upazila Senior Fisheries Officer, Mr. Abu Bakkar Siddique, Sunita submitted all the papers with the help of Samsun Nahar. According to the official rules, on February 15, 2022, Mr. Narayan Chandra Chanda, Member of Parliament for Khulna-5 constituency, handed over a check for BDT. 50,000 to Sunita. She decided to raise cows with that money. At present, she is working hard to bring back the happiness of her family by educating her sons and daughters. She expressed her gratitude to DALIT organization for cooperating with her in this battle of life.

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