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Sumon’s fortune changed through computer training

Sumon Das belongs to a poor family of Dhulihar village in Satkhira district. His father is Milon Das and mother Tarokeswari Das. Sumon Das is the eldest child in his family of 4 members. Most of the people in his village are engaged in agriculture, rickshaw-van driving, daily labor and earn a living by making bamboo baskets and twigs. Since his childhood, Sumon was a bit restless; he had a strong interest in computer technology and studies. But his father was never able to cover his education expenses and his hobby of computers while meeting the family’s needs. At one point, Sumon’s all dreams came to a halt. Sumon could not accept this, so he moved to his uncle’s house in Khanpur village of Tala upazila in Satkhira district and continued his studies with the help of his uncle. As Sumon was very interested in computer technology, on his way to school he used to stop at a computer shop to see how to work on a computer. But due to his own inability, he could not enroll in any computer education course, nor could he afford to buy a computer. Because doing these things requires a lot of money, which was impossible for him. Meanwhile, one day he came to know through a person that, DALIT is providing computer training for free for 6 months through a project in Tala upazila. He then attended in a free seminar and learned details about computer courses. Sumon joined the computer course without a second thought and successfully completed the course of 6 months duration. This course was the biggest turning point in his life. Within a few days, Sumon got a job as a manager in a local digital printing press. With the money he earns from here, he is living a good life, taking care of all the needs of himself and his family. Sumon expressed his gratitude to DALIT for changing the course of his life by getting the opportunity to take a computer course. His only demand to DALIT is that, DALIT should always continue such cooperative activities so that many like him can fulfil their dreams in life.