"Innovation for empowering quality of life"

Promoting Rights & Human Dignity of the Socially Excluded Communities

Project Location: KeshabpurUpazila of Jashore District
Project Period: January 2021- December 2021
Financed by: Actionaid Bangladesh
Total Amount:  BDT 2,550,000.00

Direct Beneficiaries: 2,500

Seminars/ discussion meetings are the best way to meet with the authority/representative of Government officials, local authorities, local/ religious leaders. These types of programs create a direct linkage between the policymakers and the beneficiaries. Both groups can express their plans, thoughts, experiences and needs to reach the goal of the project. Dalit’s Local Rights Program is continuously implementing all scheduled seminars and meetings in the project area.


  1. Make the community people aware of their obtainable rights;
  2. To take necessary measures to improve social status and dignity;
  3. To enhance awareness among local govt. representatives, leaders and teachers on women’s rights and dignity;
  4. Involve women in the policy-making committee of Union Parishad;
  5. Create awareness of the role of Union Parishad in the maintenance and development of the area’s transport system;
  6. Make people aware of natural disasters ;
  7. Providing necessary training to the villagers to increase professional skills in their work


  1. Sponsorship program (Education support, Child Recreation, Cultural activities);
  2. Arranging necessary training for the targeted people to develop the capacity  of their own profession;
  3. Create bottom-up pressure on the Union Parishad for meaningful participation of women in several standing committees, planning and decision-making process.
  4. Taking initiative steps for the targeted people to lift up their social status and dignity;
  5. Sensitize  wider communities  and local administration to take  steps against the persons who are related to conducting early marriage, including harmful practices
  6. Create linkages with legal aid supporters and counselors to support the victims of domestic violence, early marriage, trafficking and sexual abuse
  7. Arrange Participatory Review and Reflection (PRRP) process by the community for rechecking their plan and improvement.
  8. Quarterly meeting with Community Journalist Group (CJG).