Hope for the Oppressed

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Skills development programs for dalit & marginalized communities

Project Location: Shyamnagar Upazila of Satkhira District
Project Period: May 2018- January 2019
Financed by: Fondazione Fare Welfare Onlus, Italy
Total Amount: 20,000 Euro

Direct Beneficiaries: 330

Through this project Dalit aims at 1) increasing the adolescents’ skills so that they will be able to contribute to their families’ income, 2) empowering girls and young women, their parents and the communities’ members through motivational seminars on women’s rights.


General objective

Improve the socio-economic conditions of the dalit and other marginalized communities adolescent girls/ boys in Satkhira District.


Specific objectives

  1. Upgrading dalit girls’ and boys’ skills on agricultural related activities;
  2. Reducing early marriage by providing support to girls education;
  3. Practical skill development through providing technical training;
  4. Increasing girls’, their parents’ and community members’ knowledge on young women’s basic human rights.


  • Computer training
  • Training on Homestead gardening with seed distribution;
  • Training on Quail bird farming and Quail bird distribution;
  • Training on Hen farming and hen distribution;
  • Community meeting at village level;
  • Debate competition;
  • Drawing competition;
  • Support to the higher studies and awareness meetings on basic rights
  • Meeting with stakeholders