"Innovation for empowering quality of life"

Youth Action for Social Inclusion

Project Location: Dumuria and Dacope upazila of Khulna district, Tala upazila of Satkhira district
Project Period: February 2022- January 2023
Financed by: Christian Aid Bangladesh
Total Amount:  BDT 3,663,153.00

Direct Beneficiaries: 788

Under this project, computer training is being imparted to 160 students who have passed the secondary class. As well as providing training and financial assistance to 45 women under income-generating activities aimed at increasing the respect and importance of women in the family, skills development training of 125 women members of self-help groups, formation of online-based youth groups and they are being made aware through conducting social awareness meetings/ workshops. As a result, initiatives have been taken to make them self-reliant, while on the other hand, it has been possible for them to develop project design and planning capacity for social activities.


    • To organize the youth in social development activities;
    • Creating sustainable livelihood opportunities for women and girls from disadvantaged communities affected by COVID-19;
    • Analyze the effects of climate change and natural disasters on disadvantaged populations.


  1. Training in computer applications;
  2. Income-oriented training for women;
  3. Capacity development training for self-help groups;
  4. Livelihood Training and support with financial resources for group members;
  5. Training on social development activities;
  6. Capacity building training on project design and planning related to social activities;
  7. Workshop to organize youths from the socially excluded community;
  8. Bi-monthly coordination meeting of youth groups;
  9. Identification of Social action project through workshop;
  10. Social Action project implementation;
  11. Creation of Online based group for youth;
  12. Conduct a Study on the impact of climate change and natural disasters on socially excluded communities;
  13. Organize sharing event with stakeholders