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Justice and Prison Reform for Promoting Human Rights and Preventing Corruption in Bangladesh

Project Location: Dumuria upazila of Khulna district
Project Period: July 2021- December 2022
Financed by: GiZ & UK Aid
Total Amount:  BDT 13,002,501.00

Direct Beneficiaries: 808

The project is being implemented by Dalit organization with the support of GIZ Bangladesh’s Rule of Law Program for “Justice and Prison Reform” to promote human rights and prevent corruption in Bangladesh. Whose short name is “Access to Justice at Community”. The aim of the project is to assist dalits and other backward communities in resolving disputes and access to justice.


  1. Access to justice for poor and marginalized groups, especially women and girls, for dispute resolution at the grassroots level;
  2. To increase the awareness of the local community and to reduce the tendency of litigation by resolving compromises in the alternative system/ arbitration system;
  3. Advocacy for policy and practice reform.


  • Resolving disputes/grievances through RJ and mediation process;
  • Diverting cases to the formal justice system;
  • Referred Dispute Resolution, Legal Aid or Services, Social Safety net Activities;
  • Raising awareness about community justice, legal and other rights (through backyard meetings and legal aid clinics);
  • Monthly coordination meetings with union-level stakeholders;
  • Quarterly coordination meeting with upazila based stakeholders;
  • Provide direct assistance in case filing, treatment cost coverage, shelter support, transportation, etc. as required;
  • Exchange visit/ experience sharing.