"Innovation for empowering quality of life"

Community initiatives to establish dalit & excluded people’s rights

Project Location: Khulna City Corporation areas
Project Period: January 2019- June 2022
Financed by: Manusher Jonno Foundation & UK Aid
Total Amount: BDT 9,979,244.00

Direct Beneficiaries: 3,065


    • Increasing access to various civic services for dalits and harijans;
    • To develop leadership among dalits and harijans and raise awareness on human rights;
    • Incorporation of financial and employment opportunities for project beneficiaries;
    • Strengthen dalit / harijan and mainstream initiatives to prevent caste, gender, and human rights violence;


  1. Advocacy (Ward counselor,  Urban Primary Health Care, Education office, Social service office, Women and child affair office), Coordination meeting, Seminar, Rally, Human chain, Memorandum submission;
  2. Awareness-raising (Group formation, Enhance their capacity, Courtyard meeting,  Training );
  3. Organizing youth (Formation of the youth club, Training on life skills, Youth’s leadership development, Support to students);
  4. I.G.A training (Garment sector, Japan caregiver, Technical training);
  5. Integration with the mainstream (Cultural program, Day celebration, Seminar with national-level policymakers);
  6. Equality in dignity campaign (Debate competition, Drawing competition)