Hope for the Oppressed

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Access to Safe Livelihood & Health

Project Location: Dacope Upazila of Khulna District
Project Period: January 2017- December 2017
Financed by: Mani Tese, Italy
Total Amount: 38,819 Euro

Direct Beneficiaries: 4,000

Specific objectives:

    • Build up capacity to secure livelihood.
    • Increase awareness on most common diseases and good hygienic practices to improve health status;
    • Create friendly environment on trafficking;


  1. Build up skills of targeted people in order to secure their livelihood.
  2. Build up awareness on trafficking through school debate, drawing competition  at school level;
  3. Organize meeting, seminar, and cultural events as a social campaign.
  4. Facilitate medical camp and orient community people on health;
  5. Capacity building of staff
  6. Develop IEC materials and distribution;
  7. Media conference.