"Innovation for empowering quality of life"

Dalit & Marginalized Women Empowerment

Project Location: Dumuria upazila of Khulna District

Project Period: July 2019- June 2020
Financed by: Christian Aid Bangladesh
Total Amount: BDT 2,625,000

Direct Beneficiaries: 255

Under this project, 15 young women have been provided beautification training and materials/ products and 100 women have been provided entrepreneur development training. Financial assistance has been provided to 5 girls for the prevention of child marriage and the motivation of girls in higher education. At the stakeholder level, they have also been encouraged to promote women’s rights, reduce gender inequality and create a cooperative attitude towards women through advocacy.


    • Protect and prevent dalit women and girls from child marriage, dowry, sexual harassment, etc.;
    • To help increase economic opportunities for dalit women and girls.


  1. Training on beautification;
  2. Entrepreneur Development and Refresher Training;
  3. Responsibilities, Leadership Development and Advocacy Training for Self-Security Group;
  4. Training for Trainers;
  5. Formation of youth groups and arranging awareness-raising activities;
  6. Quarterly meeting on community motivation;
  7. Financial support to the college/ university level girl students through motivational seminars;
  8. Awareness-raising meeting on prevention of child marriage, dowry, eve-teasing;
  9. Celebration of women’s day;
  10. Round table conference on sexual harassment of dalit women at the community level in collaboration with dalit Women’s Federation;
  11. Workshops on planning with target groups and staff.