"Innovation for empowering quality of life"

Our Programs

Dalit is working for empowering and mainstreaming dalit and other marginalized communities in the South-Western region of Bangladesh, who live in extreme poverty conditions. It is bringing hope to thousands of hopeless families through several programs (education, health services and income-generating support) and with a holistic approach.

Dalit aims at bringing qualitative changes to its target groups in different ways:

  • Providing pre-primary, primary and secondary education to children in all the remote villages, supplying them with educational facilities;
  • Supporting Higher studies and Vocational Training for adolescents to unlock human and professional skills;
  • Organizing Human Rights Awareness meetings to fight against social injustice, deprivation and any form of discrimination;
  • Mobilizing community people for raising awareness on social issues such as violence against women, child marriages and trafficking;
  • Providing health care and disease prevention;
  • Promoting the use of traditional/indigenous medicine;
  • Facilitating the access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH);
  • Promoting livelihood opportunities for vulnerable women and upholding local tradition through the handicraft production;
  • Carrying out emergency measures in response to environmental disasters, as cyclone and flood;
  • Enhancing awareness on Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights.